Partner revenue share

This Policy was last updated 8 February 2021.

There is no fee to become a The VR Voyage partner (“Partner”), nor is there a fee to create virtual tour products (“Experiences”). Our team plans expeditions to new destinations around the world and works with Partners to create new virtual experiences in each new destination. We believe in creating a sustainable partnership program that benefits institutions and tour operators of all sizes. By providing easy access to VR technology and product development, we hope to build long-lasting partnerships with each new partner.


A basic breakdown of The VR Voyage’s revenue share program is provided below. Partner revenue share is calculated on Net Revenue, which you can read more in our Partner Policy. You will also find more detailed information on The VR Voyage’s relationship with our Partners there.


90% revenue share on sales made by Partners where the customer accesses The VR Voyage marketplace through a unique Partner URL. 10% is taken by The VR Voyage as an admin fee. The Partner URL can be used in any type of digital media, and each Partner receives one to track the engagement of their audience.

10% revenue share on third party sales made by Partner URLs. This would happen when a customer comes from your site, but purchases a tour made by another Partner.


10% revenue share on organic sales made through The VR Voyage’s website where no Partner URL is used. This occurs after a user browses The VR Voyage’s marketplace, or makes a purchase via one of The VR Voyage’s promotions.


Partners will receive a monthly Revenue Report, but can request a report at any time. These reports will show Partners the dates of each purchase, the location of customers, the source of the customer, and the total price paid.

3. modifications

On occasion, we may update this Policy to further define our promotional program. The VR Voyage reserves the right to modify or make changes to this policy at any time. When changes to the Policy are made, you will be notified by the email that is associated with your account. Changes will take effect on the day the Policy is posted.

Continued use of The VR Voyage’s marketplace after changes are posted shall mean each Partner’s acceptance of the modifications. The revised Policy shall supersede all previous editions of the Policy.

4. how to contact us

The best way to contact The VR Voyage is through your Partner Manager. If you are a prospective partner or have not been assigned a Partner Manager, use [email protected] and an agent will be in touch. We are always looking for feedback on our services and would love to hear from you.