• Partner: PoCo Heritage Museum & Archives
  • Guide: Alex Code
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Explore PoCo's F Words Exhibit

Take an interactive virtual tour of this temporary exhibit from the PoCo Heritage Museum & Archives. The F Words refers to four disastrous events that shaped the early years of Port Coquitlam, Canada. Explore the years after the city's founding in 1913 as it prepared for a bright future. See how the Spanish Flu of 1918, the fire of 1920, the flood of 1921, and the financial crisis of 1923 all tested its residents. Each of these almost ruined the city’s hopes for a prosperous future. Join Museum Manager Alex Code as he shares how these events didn’t break the city, but strengthened it and put it on course to become the thriving community it is today.


Formed in 1988 by Ada Con, Lois Milne, and Councillor Ron Talbot, the Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society set out to preserve Port Coquitlam’s rich heritage. Originally focussing on preserving heritage buildings, the Society now has a permanent space to tell the story of Port Coquitlam, Canada with its guests. The museum is a small space, so instead of housing a large permanent collection, the museum's curators plan and execute temporary exhibitions that shed light on different aspects of Port Coquitlam's history, culture, and future.


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