• Partner: Emily Carr House
  • Guide: Jane Doe
  • Duration: 60 minutes


To explore the tour, use your mouse or the arrow keys to look around each 360º scene. Wherever you see an icon, you can click it to open a popup window that will provide more information about what you are seeing. Move throughout the tour by clicking to the next or previous spots by finding the movement icons distributed throughout. No matter where you are on the tour, you can select the menu icon in the bottom right corner to navigate forward or backwards to any scene you wish. If this tour has an audio guide, it will play automatically.


This beautifully restored provincial and national historic site in Victoria, BC, was the birthplace of famed writer and artist, Emily Carr. Built by prominent local architecture firm Wright & Saunders, Carr House allows visitors to glimpse into the lives of an early settler family in Victoria, as well as learn about the transformation of Victoria in the 19th century, the impact of colonization on local Indigenous nations, and the early artistic world of Western Canada. Born in 1871 in one of the upstairs bedrooms, Emily Carr lived in the house for most of her childhood, before leaving to pursue artistic training in San Francisco, London and Paris. Later, as Emily struggled for recognition as an artist, the house remained the focal point of her life. Emily spent much of her life within walking distance of her family home, and the environment left a lasting impression on her which is mentioned in all of her books, making it the ideal place to learn about one of Canada’s most well-known artists. The house retains many of the original architectural features, and others have been painstakingly restored. Visitors can also learn about modern heritage restoration practices, and one of the more popular exhibits follows the near-demolition of the house in the 1960s and the efforts made to preserve it. Not just a museum, the building and gardens are a vibrant cultural centre for education, exploration and mentoring, offering a series of programs inspired by the themes of Emily Carr's life. Participate in being creative in your community and being a community creatively. To learn more about the museum, visit their partner page: EMILY CARR HOUSE


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