• Partner: The Doukhobor Discovery Centre
  • Guide: Ryan Dutchak & Kimberly Groome
  • Duration: 60 minutes


To explore the tour, use your mouse or the arrow keys to look around each 360º scene. Wherever you see an icon, you can click it to open a popup window that will provide more information about what you are seeing. Move throughout the tour by clicking to the next or previous spots by finding the movement icons distributed throughout. No matter where you are on the tour, you can select the menu icon in the bottom right corner to navigate forward or backwards to any scene you wish. If this tour has an audio guide, it will play automatically.

ABOUT DDC: Doukhobor Discovery Centre

The Doukhobor Discovery Centre (DDC) is a public museum that is home to ten historical buildings that sit on ten acres of land. The Centre holds roughly 1,600 artifacts, including pictures, clothing, and textiles that are related to the Doukhobors’ history in both Russia and Canada. The Centre first opened in 1971. It is a replica Doukhobor communal village that is modelled after traditional Doukhobor villages once found in nearby Glade, Pass Creek, and Ootischenia. Between the early 1900s and late 1930s, Doukhobors built between eighty to ninety communal villages across the West Kootenay region and also in Saskatchewan. As many of these villages have since disappeared, the DDC is one of the few places where people can experience what life was like in a Doukhobor communal village setting. The DDC is a major tourist attraction in the Kootenays. We are committed to sharing the Doukhobors’ unique culture and history and strive to promote a deeper understanding of Canada’s cultural diversity. The Centre offers both guided and self-guided tours, where guests are free to explore all of our historical buildings. Displays can be found outdoors and also indoors within our replicated communal living house, audio-visual room, textile room, interactive display, blacksmith shop, bathhouse and implement shed. Through our tours, visitors to our museum become immersed in the Doukhobors’ culture and history, while also experiencing life in a Doukhobor communal village. With each visit, guests have a better understanding of Canada’s multicultural heritage and the Doukhobors’ unique history and contributions to Canada. To learn more about the museum, visit their partner page: The Doukhobor Discovery Centre


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