• Partner: Roedde House Museum
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  • Duration: 60 minutes


To explore the tour, use your mouse or the arrow keys to look around each 360º scene. Wherever you see an icon, you can click it to open a popup window that will provide more information about what you are seeing. Move throughout the tour by clicking to the next or previous spots by finding the movement icons distributed throughout. No matter where you are on the tour, you can select the menu icon in the bottom right corner to navigate forward or backwards to any scene you wish. If this tour has an audio guide, it will play automatically.


The Roedde House Museum is a Victorian house museum in the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada. The house was built for the family of Vancouver’s first bookbinder, Gustav Roedde, in 1893. Gustav Roedde was born in 1860 in Grossbodungen, Thuringen, Germany, and trained as a bookbinder in Leipzig. He immigrated to the United States in 1881 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, where he met and married Matilda Marie Cassebohm, who was from the island of Heligoland, Germany. The couple moved to San Francisco, California, then Victoria, British Columbia and finally to Vancouver where, in 1888, Gustav opened one of the City’s first book binderies. By 1893, the Roeddes could afford to have a new house built at 1415 Barclay Street. The family lived in this house until 1924, after which time it became a rooming and boarding house. Its design is attributed to architect Francis Rattenbury and has been designated as a Class A Heritage House, owned by the City of Vancouver. The Roedde House Preservation Society was established in 1984 to undertake the restoration and furnishing of the house to reflect family life in the late Victorian period. Work on the interior was painstaking, with faithful attention to detail gleaned from historical records, from consultation with surviving members of the Roedde family and from the process of stripping paint and wallpaper from century-old walls to discover the original colours and finishings. In 1990 the museum was officially opened to the public and remains a popular attraction in the neighbourhood. To learn more about the museum, visit their partner page: Roedde House Museum


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