Will the wilderness be missing us as much as we are it? Not everyone’s fond of hiking through forests or exploring dense wilds and discovering the secrets hidden within. But at this point in lockdown, it can be said unanimously that the wilderness might be longing for us. To have its dirt trampled by excited wanderers looking for an adventure in the unexplored.

Foraging in the forest is a fun and unique activity that has its delights. But of course, not everyone’s an expert in foraging and identifying the right spots to find nature’s bounty. Wilderness is packed with wild plants, herbs, berries, and wild ingredients that can create an extravaganza of flavoursome dishes.

Foraging through the forest requires you to be a master of the art bushcraft, able to identify edible plants, weeds, mushrooms, herbs, and many other kinds of edible plants. This is a true delight for adventure-loving people and an ancient art that helped countless generations survive the harsh untamed wilderness.

Wild Harvest Network

The Wild Harvest Network is your ultimate source for learning and experiencing foraging in the wild. Nature is ever-present for us to create a sustainable, adventurous, and healthy relationship with it, it’s a personal choice for us to get inspired and decide for ourselves whether we want to or not. So gather up all your curiosity because this new partner of The VR Voyage is offering a lot to learn.

teaching with Foraging Courses

The company has a goal to inspire people and create a network of nature-loving adventurers so more and more people can learn to go out in nature and explore the hidden aspects of it. Among a lot of other things, Wild Harvest Network offers foraging courses to interested individuals that include tips, tricks, and a lot of experience-based information on all the necessary aspects of beginner’s level foraging adventure.

exploring nature through Wild Food

There is a great variety of wild ingredients that are just waiting to be discovered. Exploring the wilderness helps to understand our ancestral ways of foraging and allows us to become better acquainted with wild plants. The Wild Harvest Network’s index of edible plants helps in the easy identification of edible plants in your locality as well. This helps foragers keep track of what they are collecting. Some of the common plants they introduce participants to are:

  • wild radish;

  • fiddleheads;

  • fireweed;

  • horsetail;

  • cattail; and,

  • milkweed.

Through their offered courses as well as trips and tours in the forests of Canada, they take tourists and students through the forest and give them a live breakdown of all the information pertaining to wild foraging. And after having collected different types of ingredients, the adventurers will also be taught about how these ingredients can be used. By their theory, wild foods are no different from the foods that we cook at home, just more natural and healthy. Imagine walking through the forest, collecting ingredients for a wild coffee, a snack for later, and ingredients to make a feast for later. That is what you can learn with Wild Harvest Network.

programs to Taste the Wild

By partnering with foraging experts, ethnobotanists, chefs, bakers, and even mixologists, Wild Harvest Network also teaches exciting recipes to inspire the enrolled adventurers into diving further into the wild. The foragers get to experience the biodiversity, as well as develop a new understanding of wild edibles. The makings of a delicious wild harvest also help to make the enrolled individuals into novice survivalists, not quite Les Stroud, but getting close.

Besides tours and recipes, they offer a number of different forms of foraging workshops such as:

  • Seashore/seaweed foraging

  • Coastal foraging

  • Foraging walks

  • Day foraging

  • Medicinal foraging

All in all, the whole concept offered by Wild Harvest Network is unique by nature and is viewed as something that is a must-try for everyone, especially nature lovers. Tourism aside, the forests of Canada are a heavenly place that Wild Harvest Network has taken the responsibility of introducing people to, whether locals or visitors. You will get to enjoy plenty of edible wild plants and learn a few sustainability practices.

But sadly, COVID-19 has affected even the wonderful operations of Wild Harvest Network. Due to restrictions on movements and especially travelling, nature lovers are now confined to their houses in hopes that the lockdowns and curfews imposed worldwide may soon be lifted so they can go out and have their thirst for adventures in the wild quenched.

Wild Harvest Network & The VR Voyage

Virtual reality and augmented reality have both come a long way from being oriented around specific operations to everyday use. The VR Voyage has teamed up with Wild Harvest Network to begin producing virtual experiences focussing on teaching wild foods and foraging. Explore the Canadian wilderness and learn some culinary tips along the way. VR tourism has abruptly skyrocketed as the global lockdown stretches and people keep becoming more and more restless.

The VR Voyage has teamed up with a lot of tourism service providers such as Wild Harvest Network and made it possible for people to have a virtual adventure with integrated features to go beyond what is possible on an in-person tour. The thrill that they used to have before the arrival of COVID-19 can still be felt. Don’t miss out on your chance to get out for a virtual foraging experience.