We are explorers, anthropologists, artists, and developers scouring the world for new and exciting experiences to create for you, our virtual travelers.


As explorers, we were always experiencing new destinations, but 2020 had different plans for us. Locked inside with no chance to travel was too horrible to imagine, so we had to do something about it!

We wanted to find a way to continue exploring the world without risking our health and breaking travel restrictions. Virtual reality was the solution! By immersing ourselves in a VR experience, we feel like we were travelling without leaving home.

And, reading story after story of museums facing closure or independent tour guides losing their livelihoods, we wanted to link our VR knowledge and these local experts to help both sides.

Now, we are creating experiences to let explorers like us travel to the furthest corners of the globe without leaving their homes. We are also helping vital institutions and tourism workers find new sources of income to get them through this global crisis.


To inspire more people to explore beyond their own communities by virtually travelling to destinations they never dreamed possible.

As the anthropologist Wade Davis once said, “The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.” Our vision is to bring people together by showing them the beauty of the world, one experience at a time.

Using virtual reality and creating partnerships across the globe, we are opening people’s minds to the wonders of the world in a more meaningful and interactive way. Whether it is just not possible or cost is a hindrance, The VR Voyage wants to create a way for anyone to experience what makes the world so wonderful.

Explore nature with conservationists, Indigenous leaders, and outdoor adventurers; excavate ruins with archaeologists; wander through the halls of museums large and small with their curators; or, stroll the streets of a new city with a local guide.